IS2104: Atmosphere and Hydrosphere


Lesson#7 (3/2/10) February 3, 2010

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Today, we learnt about the formation of clouds and a recipe on how to make clouds from Mr Heah. Based on the diagram above, we can see that clouds are formed from the condensation of the water vapour/moisture. The reason behind this is because the atmosphere is cold and has a low pressure, hence the water vapour will condense and become clouds.

So here’s the recipe for making your very own cloud:


– 1 plastic bottle that is a bit wet inside

– 1 box of matches


  1. Squeeze the bottle repeatedly
  2. Light the match and then extinguish it. Get some of the smoke into the bottle.
  3. Squeeze the bottle repeatedly again.
  4. Let go of the bottle, and remove the bottle cap. And tada! You’ll be able to see some fog/clouds escaping from the bottle slowly.

Actually, I think this mini cloud making process is similar to the cloud making process in the atmosphere. The squeezing of the bottle is probably to cause low pressure in it, just like the atmosphere. And the interior of the bottle is cool too (due to the low pressure PV=nRT) just like the atmosphere. So this kind of makes an ideal environment for condensation to occur. But what about the smoke? Surely there must be a reason for adding it right? Sometimes when I take the bus to school and the air-con is at full blast, I’ll see some condensation on the window. Water vapour from the surrounding air condenses on the cool surface of the window. My guess is, besides having a cool environment; having a “surface” is probably required for water vapour to condense on. So the smoke acts as a “surface” for the water vapour to condense on and so you will see your cloud being formed.



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